Belladonna. Sebald Lesen 2

Belladonna. Sebald Lesen 2, (16mm Film/ Digital Foto transfer als HD-Film) Rainer Bellenbaum, 2019, Premiere 2019, Kino arsenal, Berlin. (außerdem: Zitadelle Spandau, 7.11.2019)

As a contribution to Kopiertheater (2010), the video „Sebald lesen 1“ referred to the novel Austerlitz, more precisely to its scene of the visit to the Antwerp Zoo. In his respective Programme Notes, however, lan White quoted the narrator’s remarks about the glorious and sense-diffusing effect of the nightshade plant Belladonna.

In 2008 lan White wrote: „What I spoke in 2002 or wrote in 2003, described as a would-be-argument, remains as such in 2008 even as those spoken or written words are both here and not here …

a (differentiated) cinema that would implicate the (reperformed, or projected) document as an equally primary act.


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